Columbus Casting Technology Center Equipment Listing

Columbus Castings 10,000 square foot Advanced Technology Center began operation in 1993 and equipment upgrades took place in 2006.  A listing of the equipment upgraded in 2006 includes:

  • MTS High Force Load Frame System, Model 311.51S:  Fatigue and Static Test machine with one 1.1M pound and two 350,000 pounds servo-hydraulic actuators.
  • MTS Portal Load Frames Test Machine:  Sixteen servo-hydraulic actuators ranging from 11,000 pound to 110,000 pound capacity.
  • MTS Static Load Control System
  • MTS Testline Realtime  Active Controller
  • MTS 810 Fatigue System
  • Flex Test I M
  • Magadac Data Acquisition System:  128 channels
  • Environmentally Controlled Bay:  Instrument sensor system