Safety of our Employees is Priority No. 1

Safety Statement

Columbus Castings considers no phase of operation or administration to be of greater importance than protecting the health and safety of our employees.  It is our policy to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace, to follow rules and regulations that will safeguard all employees, and to provide operating procedures that result in safe working conditions and efficient operation.

Columbus Castings will uphold these key principles:           

  • No job is so important that any employee must risk injury to himself or others.
  • All employees have the right to refuse to perform any job that they feel is unsafe or they feel they have not been adequately trained to do, without the fear of retribution from their supervisor.
  • All employees have the right and obligation to stop any production process that is not safe, without fear of retribution from their supervisor or management.
  • Every employee is accountable for performing his or her job properly, as trained, and in a safe manner at all times.
  • Every employee has an obligation to report any unsafe condition.
  • Every employee has the freedom to utilize the Open Door Policy to take his or her concerns to the highest level of management.

Columbus Castings will apply these key principles in its business, demonstrating its commitment to continually improving the health and safety of all employees.

US Department of Labor - Occupational Health and Safety Administration

To further support the health and welfare of Columbus Castings employees, we staff a registered nurse full time in our Medical Center.  In addition, a Doctor is on site a minimum of two days per week to be available to empolyees.