Mass Transit Undercarriage Systems, Couplers, and Yokes

More than a supplier, Columbus Castings is your complete Mass Transit undercarriage solution provider. With a reputation that spans decades of safe reliable service, no company offers you more technical expertise to work through your design challenges. When your design team is working to reduce weight, drive down cost, and improve performance, Columbus Castings engineers will be providing solutions and offering creative alternatives that ensure you achieve your goals.  

We use the latest 3-D software to integrate seamlessly with your CAD models and accelerate your development program. Design verification and validation of components to correlate to FEA and engineering calculations is performed in our Advanced Technology Center.  Be sure to involve Columbus Castings Mass Transit Engineering early in your development program for maximum benefit.

Columbus Castings manufactures all variations of AAR (APTA) Type H Tightlock Couplers, Type H Tightlock Knuckles, and Yokes.  All internal coupler components are stocked for immediate delivery to ensure that Mass Transit Authority fleets operate efficiently and safely. 

As an addditional cost saving service to all operators of Passenger Railcars, Columbus Castings offers remanufacturing of Type H Tightlock Couplers.  The specifications and process procedures of this market leading service exceed the requirements of APTA Reconditioning requirements and extend the life of your end-of-car coupling components.