Locomotive Couplers

Columbus Castings manufactures and stocks a complete line of AAR Type "E" and "F" Top Operating Locomotive Couplers.  Variations among the standards  include shank length, yoke pin diameter, wear plates, and butt end configuration.  In addition to complete locomotive coupler assemblies, we offer and stock locomotive coupler bodies, knuckles, butt end bushings, operating pins, knuckle throwers, and pivot pins.

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AAR Type "E" and "F" Locomotive Couplers

Part Number           Description                                                         Reference Drawing

BE 110 AE            Type "E" Coupler Top Operating                                C-7966 Rev L

BF 19 AE              Type "F" Interlocking Coupler Top Operating               C-14731 Rev B

BF 10 AE              Type "F" Interlocking Coupler Top Operating               C-14347 Rev A

BE 108 AE            Type "E" Coupler Top Operating                                C-14055 Rev B

SBE 108 AE          Type "E" Bottom Shelf Top Operating Coupler             C-14763 Rev A

BE 105 AE            Type "E" Top Operating Coupler                                C-13111 Rev D

BE 111 AE            Type "E" Top Operating Coupler                                C-14348 Rev A