Columbus Castings AAR Type E and F Knuckles

Pulling and stopping millions of times during their life cycle, Knuckles are the workhorse of your freight car coupling system. Our Knuckles are designed to provide years of safe reliable service. No other knuckle is more widely industry accepted, tested in the lab, and in service than ours.

Columbus Castings uses a patent pending Knuckle molding technique that produces a superior surface finish and outstanding solidification.  Each Knuckle is serialized for traceability throughout the production process, 100% Brinell hardness tested, and magnetic particle inspected.

The following Knuckles are normally stocked in Columbus, Ohio for timely delivery.

Part Number          Description           Reference Drawing

E 50 BE               Type "E" Knuckle          C-14466 Rev A

F 51 AE               Type "F" Knuckle          B-10893 Rev B