Large Steel Casting Technical Expertise

Several American steel foundries claim to be able to manufacture large steel castings.  Columbus Castings pours castings exceeding 30,000 pounds every day.  With two Fuchs electric arc furnaces, Columbus Castings can safely pour up to 140,000 pounds of steel into a single mold and produce a quality casting for your custom equipment application. 

We are a unique Ohio and American asset with the technical expertise, equipment, and quality system to pour complex, value-engineered, large steel castings.  Columbus Castings will work to ensure that your industrial castings meet of your technical specifications, material requirements, and financial expectations.

Columbus Castings is a dedicated problem solver servicing the following Industrial casting markets

  • Mining Equipment:  Surface and Underground Mining
  • Construction and Off Highway Equipment:  Cranes, Dozers, Loaders, and Excavators
  • Industrial Equipment OEM Castings:  Mill Chocks, Platens, and Forging Equipment Castings
  • Power Generation:  Steam and Gas Turbine Casings  
  • Oil & Gas Industry:  Valves and Pumps
  • Motion Control:  Magnet Bodies and Clutch Components
  • Heavy Fabrication:  Infrastructure Components for Bridges and Dams