Columbus Castings Couplers and Yokes

Columbus Castings has earned the Full and Unconditional Approval of the American Association of Railroads (AAR) Mechanical Committee of the Standard Coupler Manufacturers (MCSCM) to manufacture products contained within the M-211 Coupler and Components Specification.  We have a full line of standard Type "E" and Type "F" Couplers, including top and bottom shelf designs.  All of our standard Couplers and Yokes are quenched, tempered, gauged, inspected, and certified to meet the latest AAR specifications. 

Contact Columbus Castings Customer Service for availability of Couplers and Yokes in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

AAR Type "E" and "F" Couplers

Part Number           Description                                               Reference Drawing

SE 60 EE                 Type "E" Double Shelf Coupler                     C-14770

SBE 60 EE               Type "E" Bottom Shelf Coupler                    C-14545 Rev C

SBE 67 DE              Type "E" Bottom Shelf Coupler                     C-14536 Rev C

SBE 68 DE              Type "E" Bottom Shelf Coupler                     C-14792

SBE 69 CE              Type "E" Bottom Shelf Coupler                     C-14775 Rev A

E 69 CE                  Type E/F Reduced Slack Coupler                  C-14464 Rev D

EF 511 CE              Type E/F Reduced Slack Coupler                  C-14778 Rev A 

F 70 DE                  Type "F" Interlocking Coupler                         C-14228

AAR Type "E" and "F" Yokes

Part Number           Description                                               Reference Drawing

SY 40 AE                Standard Type "E" Yoke                                C-14012 Rev A 

SY 294 AE              Draft Yoke Type "F"                                       C-13110 Rev E

Columbus Castings Proprietary Rotating Coupler

The Columbus Castings Rotating Coupler is designed, produced, and tested to AAR specifications.  It is the most advanced coupler available for rotary coupler applications. 

There are several reasons to consider a Columbus Castings Rotating Coupler, 

  • Our Rotating Coupler can be used with any Striker or Draft Arm designed for Rotary Coupler application
  • The same Yoke product number can be used on both ends of the railcar
  • Smooth rotating action.  No erractic action such as that of a square shank turning on a flat corner
  • AAR Standard Type "F" Coupler Shank butt strength is maintained
  • Shim control to minimize excessive slack
  • Simple three piece design

Part Number           Description                                                                    Reference Drawing

FR 208 AE           Type "F" Interlocking Coupler with Rotating Shank           C-13048 Rev G